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Posted by Elena M. on 03 Jun 2020

7 tips to better face smart working

Smart working has plunged strongly into our working lives. More and more people work from home every day to try and keep their work routine active. Remote working is a daily reality for many professionals who work on their own and who have made agile work their lifestyle. If it is the first time...Read More

Posted by Elena M. on 03 Jun 2020

Coronavirus e-commerce: an opportunity for companies

Forced quarantine and forced smart working force people to lead a much more homely life and the effects are immediately registered on consumption. A Nielsen survey on online sales shows an increase of over 80% since the end of February compared to last year, with an increase of 30% if referring t...Read More

Posted by Elena M. on 03 Jun 2020

Website and e-commerce: ready for the digital challenge?

Approaching the digital challenge can seem very complicated for entrepreneurs who face an unprecedented crisis. The race to the "web world" is one of the main themes in recent weeks for businesses in every sector: the barriers to personal contacts can be effectively overcome thanks to the tools m...Read More

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