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Month: December 2020

Swiss Quality

Posted by Elena M. on 29 Dec 2020

Social Media Trends 2021: sei pronto alle sfide del digitale?

End of the year, you know, it's time to take stock.
But it is also the time to make predictions: especially as regards the immediate future.
What awaits us in the long-awaited 2021 in the world of social media?
What are the trends to monitor to prepare a correct soc...Read More

Posted by Elena M. on 11 Dec 2020

5 marketing tips for preparing for Christmas

2020 will undoubtedly be a different Christmas from all the previous ones, not only due to the inability to fully experience it with their families, but also due to a new approach to traditional gift shopping.
The online is, without a doubt, a favorite shopping space, wit...Read More

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