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Evobyte Team - 11 Dec 2020

5 marketing tips for preparing for Christmas

2020 will undoubtedly be a different Christmas from all the previous ones, not only due to the inability to fully experience it with their families, but also due to a new approach to traditional gift shopping.
The online is, without a doubt, a favorite shopping space, with an unprecedented rate of use.
Are you able to fully understand the behaviors of online users?
We have prepared a short guide to help you create effective communication campaigns during the Christmas period.
Here are 5 key insights you should know.

Users demand security
COVID-19 has disrupted our lives, prompting more and more users to rely on technology to make any type of purchase.
One of the main reasons for this choice is certainly represented by the desire for safety on the part of those who prefer to avoid physical contact and crowded places.
People will be shopping online more and more and will be looking for convenient and contactless services capable of guaranteeing safe shopping experiences.

New is beautiful
Christmas has always been a time of great experimentation. On average, 64% of global buyers tried new products during this time of year.
The search for novelty remains, therefore, also in this Christmas 2020, an important purchase lever for users.
Especially online, your customers expect to be able to live personalized experiences, designed on the basis of the specific characteristics of each.

The ability to communicate directly
Social networks and web spaces offer an indisputable advantage: the ability to communicate directly with your target audience.
Brands that are able to establish a connection with their first customers through constant communication will be able to stimulate greater attachment from users to their products and services.

Especially in this difficult time, people expect empathy from brands and businesses.
It is important that companies show empathy and sensitivity towards the upheavals that this historic moment has brought to the lives of their customers and people in general. It is therefore essential to regularly monitor marketing activities to be sure that the messages are always empathetic and relevant to the target audience.

The social commitment of brands
The expression brand activism refers to the commitment and involvement towards one or more causes of social, political, economic relevance demonstrated by companies through communication campaigns, initiatives, ad hoc projects.
It represents one of the most important trends in the marketing field.
Users, in fact, expect an ever greater social responsibility on the part of companies to be perpetrated through authentic dialogues.

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