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Do you want to develop a custom APP, but you don't know where to start ?


Are you looking for a team that is punctual and does not exceed the budget foreseen ?
Take advantage of the support of a Project Manager, (cert. CAS University - Switzerland) for an initial free consultation, lasting 1 hour , with the aim of finding the best solution to be undertaken for the development of your APP.

Specialist team

If you then decide to collaborate with us, you will not have to worry about any pitfalls during the journey, you will have a team of:
- CAS certified project managers
- senior software developers
- AWS and MS-Azure certified systems engineers
- graphic team

Assistance and growth

Once the APP is launched on the market, you will not be left alone, we will always be available for updates, web-marketing and technical support to your APP with the main purpose of assisting you in the IT part, so that you can focus on your business. If you are looking for an innovative APP, with the guarantee of Swiss quality and the most advanced technologies, contact us today.

Fill in the form or contact our Project Manager Alexander at the number

+41 78 815 57 37

and request a first free consultation of 1 hour

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Main technologies


Swift, Objective C, C##, Unity 3D, Cocoa Controls & Touch, Cocos2D, iOS 10/9/8, X Code, Mockingbird


JAVA, Kotlin, JavaScript, XML, Android Studio, XML, Android SDK, Android NDK

Internet of Thing - IoT

App for sensors, bracelets, watches, warehouses, tracking, asset monitoring, voice commands

AR / VR and Wearable Apps

Augmented Reality Google glass / Navigation, training in Virtual Reality, Fitness apps, iWatch apps


  • How long does it take to publish an APP?

    Apple Store between 5 and 7 working days - Android Store within 72 hours

  • How much does it cost to create an app?

    The cost of an app varies based on the complexity and quantity of the functions it has to perform. The minimum cost is around 5000 USD for the maximum cost we do not set limits, just as we do not set limits on the quantity and quality of the functions.

  • Is it possible to create an app for free?

    On the internet there are several sites that aim to create a free app, in all cases this is a rather limited, little customizable and often useless app. If you are looking for totally personalized and unique applications and functions then there are no free APPs.

  • What is an App for IoT?

    IoT = INTERNET OF THINGS, or physical products such as glasses, bracelets, sensors, furniture, etc., become connected to each other and therefore communicate. The features of the iot and represent the future of online mobility. Today, the implementation of these technologies in the enterprice sector are the possibility for a company to have a concrete competitive advantage over other market players.

  • What kind of apps can you develop?

    Evobyte literally develops all kinds of apps: apps for android, apps for ios, reality increases, virtual reality, IoT. We develop native apps, hybrid apps and web apps.



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