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Evobyte Team - 16 Oct 2020

Are companies in the automotive sector ready for the post-covid market?

The European automotive market finally records a positive sign after several months of stagnation.
In fact, in September 2020, the EU car market recorded the first increase of the year. Registrations - ACEA, the continental manufacturers' association announced - grew by 3.1%, reaching 933,987 new cars sold throughout the European Union.
During the first nine months of 2020, however, “the demand for cars fell by 28.8%. From January to September there were millions of units registered, almost 2.9 million fewer than in the same period last year. Indeed, despite last month's positive results, the impact of Covid-19 still weighs heavily on the cumulative performance of the EU car market.

The unknown about the trend of the months to come certainly remains very high: the surge in infections that is being recorded in all the main European countries does not bode well.
What to do, therefore, to prepare to face a strongly changed market and at the mercy of constant instability.
The digital market, as often happens in this month, also comes to the rescue in this situation.
A premise is important: digital marketing strategies are the most effective for putting the automotive market in contact with its buyers, creating a solid relationship over time. It certainly represents the panel of fundamental tools to bring out the companies in the sector within a now saturated market.
Let's see in detail below the possible strategies to be implemented to effectively manage the digital marketing channels for those operating in the automotive sector.

Analyze and segment the audience to customize communication strategies
To create content that customers will find truly valuable, it is crucial to know who they are talking to and to generate content that their users will actually find valuable.

Dialogue with users
Digital channels, social networks in particular, allow you to establish a two-way comparison with your target audience. This opportunity should not be overlooked as it allows us to grasp changes in information search habits, in the analysis of alternatives and in the purchase decision by potential customers

Focus more and more on mobile strategies
Digital communication is increasingly linked to mobile devices. For this reason, it is essential to study targeted strategies and content dedicated to mobile use on small screens.

Optimize content for voice search
Voice search has vast implications for SEO because traditional keywords aren't used when speaking naturally. For this reason, it appears to turn to professionals in search engine optimization in order to create updated and effective content for the changing market.

Create immersive browsing experiences
The development of customized applications and software for the brand represents the opportunity to emerge in a saturated market such as the automotive one.

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