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Evobyte Team - 23 Jan 2021

Automate business processes to be more productive and competitive

The moment in which companies find themselves to act is certainly not one of the easiest. The current scenario is extremely shaky, in constant flux, both because of the continuous technological development and because of everything that has happened so far on a global level, where the markets are merely the litmus test of a profound change. What seems to be to all intents and purposes an epochal disaster, however, for many can be an opportunity. The watchword, then, is to be competitive in a competitive market, and of all the ways to become one, here we look at the opportunity to automate business processes.

Automating business processes is the booster for companies

The picture we have painted is certainly not one of the happiest, the companies that have collapsed under the weight of recent events are many, but not for everyone. This movement of scenarios, in fact, can be experienced as an opportunity to be exploited on the fly.

From our point of view, the glass is always half-full, the approach and the ability to react to unforeseen events count for a lot. A reorganization of the company's organization, however, can really give a boost to individual and, consequently, collective business.

But what can you actually do? Organize, get everything organized and in order, optimize where you can and save money. Automating business processes is a very effective way to reduce costs and improve the customer costumer experience, because lean structures are significantly more competitive.

How you can automate business processes

Automating means planning, on the other hand, running a business requires these kinds of skills, but why make more effort and commit more resources when you can get more incisive and effective results?

Optimizing processes, as we said earlier, means above all reducing costs and any inefficiencies. Software and applications are thus a booster for businesses and startups, indeed, in many cases they can prove to be the trump card to play against those companies that stubbornly focus on obsolete organizational models.

In summary, it is about adopting programs that work in a more structured way, eliminating manual work in all those repetitive processes that can be carried out by machines in less time and with less cost. In this way, the human workforce can be utilized for the quality control phases and this will only generate added value.

Let's take a practical example. If you have to manage the phone calls that come into your company and there are many calls, you will have to hire several receptionists, receptionists that clearly have costs. The most effective alternative is to use a software that automatically answers calls by sorting them, the person, however, can devote himself to questions or requests for information that require a more specific intervention, such as the management of a customer problem or a request for information on which depends the acquisition or not of a new customer.

Short-term and long-term benefits

In general, we have already described the benefits of process automation, but we want you to think about other aspects than simply saving time and resources in the short term by using software instead of human resources.

The benefits of automation processes are not only in terms of cost reduction, but it is really a transversal optimization that affects the whole company. Think, for example, of the continuous flow of communication between one department and another, especially in medium to large companies it becomes really complicated and this requires several resources

By automating all of these functions, having them viewed and controlled by a coordinator, you can save much more time and have a clear and orderly flow of communication, plus everything will always be traceable.

And here we can see another great advantage: the drastic reduction of error. We all know how much an error or inefficiency can cost us at an operational level, but with automated processes we are almost eliminating these possibilities.

Also here a practical example: arrives an order, but in the warehouse there is not the demanded product, that however on the e-commerce is selectable in the cart. An error that can happen, but that can cost a lot in terms of reputation.

Swiss quality that saves time and money

Change takes courage, it's no mystery. And while it's true that it's a difficult time, where it's do or die, it's also true that you can't ask a company to take a leap in the dark. However, there are also circumstances when you have to close your eyes, take a deep breath and visualize yourself in a new situation.

Trust your instincts and listen to them. Most of the time that jump needs to be taken, there is no alternative. We can't give you the courage you lack, but we can jump with you. This we can and we want to do, because we know what you are experiencing, we have seen it so many times. We have made so many jumps and no one with us at Evobyte has ever fallen.

Now it's up to you to tell us what you need, and we'll help you overcome the barriers and obstacles to business development. We can develop the custom software or software that will make the difference, with a timely and specialized team with Swiss quality and reliability. We put our commitment, expertise and passion into it, all you have to do is tell us your idea, and Evobyte will make it happen.

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