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Evobyte Team - 28 Feb 2021

Business app creation: 5 benefits that will convince you to want it

In a particular moment like the one we have been experiencing for the past year, it is absolutely necessary to make the company as competitive as possible. To do this, all the necessary strategies must be put in place, including the use of apps. Today mobile apps allow the user to have a better experience and an easier fruition of contents. Most users are now doing most of their research from mobile devices. Apps, therefore, are widely used in virtually every industry, facilitating communication between company and customer. Here we see 5 main reasons why app development for businesses is essential.

App development for businesses, how habits change

If until a few years ago it was of paramount importance for companies to have a website, and it still is today, at this precise moment it is important to also have an app. The main reason is that in addition to having changed technologies, today also the habits of consumers, or if you want users in general, have changed.

In the past, most searches were done from the PC. The user needed an answer to his question, or to his problem, and so all he did was type the query into the search engine.

Today we are increasingly on the move, we work not only from the office, we are for many hours away from the PC, so if we look for answers on the web, if we have to buy goods or services, more and more often we do it from the smartphone or tablet, that's why applications are essential to be competitive, but let's see the 5 key reasons why you can not do without a company app.

#1. fast and effective communication

A first reason to choose to have a business app is undoubtedly the speed and effectiveness of communication. Let's explain right away. We said before that users, for the most part, are on the move, which means that they have to fulfill commitments, whether they are work or family commitments. The consequence is that they don't have too much time to dedicate to their research, they need to know, to find something, and they want to have answers right away.

Apps are much faster, especially native apps, which speak the same language as their operating system, but even hybrids have developed good speed recently. Imagine having to make a purchase from mobile, doing it with an app not only provides you with a smoother browsing experience, but will allow you to make the purchase in a very short time.

Communication, through apps, can be more targeted because those who download it are certainly users interested in that company, its goods or services, so you can communicate with them in a much more effective way.

#2. Increase visibility and brand recognition

Normally companies invest a lot of budget in advertising, but they don't always use the most effective channel. For example, TV advertising is certainly effective, but it requires high investments and shows the brand for a few moments. Billboard advertising also has good visibility, but the touch point is not necessarily the perfect one for your company.

In short, there are so many variables and, most importantly, you're not tapping into a targeted audience. On the web the target audience can be profiled much better, but it's with the company's app that you really get results. The reason is what we mentioned earlier: the app is downloaded only by those who are interested in your company, plus downloading it is free, so if you then add some incentive, such as a discount or a promotion you're already halfway there.

#3. Lower costs

The net consequence of what we've said is that an app involves less expense than traditional advertising or, in general, web advertising, but in return it will bring you many more sales. If the website is essential to create awareness of a particular product or service, the app, precisely because of its characteristic of speed and usability, is the tool that makes you reach the sale. All this at significantly lower costs than other channels.

#4. Involves users

Another aspect to consider when building a mobile app is engagement. With the app, communication with the customer is much more streamlined. Imagine a customer who has a certain problem or curiosity about a product he has purchased or is planning to purchase. Through the help desk he can interact directly with the company quickly and solve his problem or satisfy his curiosity. This gives an excellent brand perception to the customer and builds loyalty.

#5. Facilitates content sharing

Surely you know how important viral content is. Word of mouth is no longer as effective as it once was, and the media tam tam is definitely faster and more effective. With a company app, your content, a new product presentation, a promotion, can quickly go viral, thanks to the ease of sharing, bringing greater engagement and increased sales.

Who can build your app and costs

Once you opt for the business app there are so many questions that are looking for an answer. The main one is "Who do I get to make the app?" Definitely it takes the work of professional developers, here you have to go for sure or risk throwing a lot of resources, both in terms of time and money.

As far as the costs of creating an app are concerned, they obviously depend on the functions the app has to perform. At Evobyte we like to be transparent, without mincing words, because those who come to us must be aware of the work we offer and the relative costs. On average, the minimum cost is around 4,600 euros, and since Evobyte is located in Switzerland, we don't charge 22% VAT as we do in Italy.

We say approximately because, as mentioned before, it depends on the complexity and functions of the app. As for the maximum costs, we don't put limits, it all depends on what you want. What we are sure of, however, is that we will discuss all the details with you in order to show you a complete and clear picture of both the benefits, then the functions, and the costs.

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