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Evobyte Team - 15 Nov 2020

Do you know how to reduce advertising waste?

What we are going through is undoubtedly a challenging and unexpected historical moment. The watchwords that dictate the business agendas of companies are attention and focus.
In fact, the selection of investments to be carried out has never been more accurate and prudent than now.
This approach inevitably also affects the area of ​​Digital Marketing.
Most companies and professionals in the sector are faced with an important challenge, never more than in this moment: to avoid unnecessary waste.
Administrators and managers therefore face a common challenge: stop and reflect on how to deal with the crisis and manage recovery plans at the end of the emergency.
The currently present Covid-19 pandemic requires companies to redefine the logic of spending by redefining priorities and allocating available budgets in a different way.
Within this scenario, what is the fate of the Digital Marketing activity?
Investments in marketing and communication have tended to not go to zero, but almost all advertisers have found themselves redefining priorities and distributing budgets differently.
The challenge is to put every single investment to good use in the most effective way possible to be able to reach the right people with the right message, at the most appropriate time.
The search for efficiency in the choice of advertising tools and in the management of activities has become, more than ever, a mantra for companies.
In this sense, digital channels represent a great opportunity for companies guaranteeing high coverage at the right cost.
How can digital marketing activities be efficiently managed without sacrificing effectiveness?

Make your site indispensable
Does the site present your business correctly? Are the products or services valued in the eyes of the target? Are the pluses, what makes you "better" than your competitors clearly visible? Is the usability of the site by users studied and maintained? Is the site technically up to date? Is it suitable for mobile browsing? These are just some of the fundamental elements to take into consideration before thinking about an increase in company visibility thanks to advertising campaigns on the network.

Create a combined plan of channels
With audiences consuming more and more digital content, you can use new tools to build a plan that applies to multiple channels. Social networks, e-commerce, vlogs, apps and much more: the world of options at your disposal is very wide. You just have to choose the tools that best suit your industry and your product or service. Continuously test and mix channels together based on the results you achieve.

Analyze traffic and take corrective action
Once the site has been optimized and the advertising campaigns launched on the chosen channels, it is equally important to monitor the traffic generated on the site, taking into consideration the quality of the traffic coming from each active communication channel.
In particular, it is important to answer the following questions:

  • Which channel generates the highest quality traffic?
  • Which channel has the lowest cost per conversion?
    The analysis of this data will allow you to select the activities with the best performance and focus your investments in the most efficient channels and activities.

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