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Evobyte Team - 24 Feb 2021

E-commerce creation, the essential features for a functional and effective site

In this particular time of great competitiveness, having all the tools to be truly competitive is essential. E-commerce is your business tool. In the last year there has been a real boom in the sector, also and above all because of the pandemic, which, as is logical, made online purchases increase, since people were forced to stay at home. Even now, online purchases go for the most because, however, you go out less and only for essential things. E-commerce implementation, therefore, becomes indispensable.

Realization e-commerce to achieve success

Let's start right away with an assumption: e-commerce is not just for selling, although obviously that is its function, but also to make the activity or the company known. The presence on the web with an e-shop, in fact, is perceived by the target as a symptom of authoritativeness, credibility, in a few words it is more easily trusted.

Obviously we're talking about the creation of an efficient and effective e-commerce site, so that it works perfectly, which is for the user as a comfortable and welcoming store. To give you an idea of what we mean, imagine you need to buy a pair of shoes. You go to a small, cramped store with all the things in disarray.

Big boxes lying on the floor, shoes displayed in the window with two fingers of dust, the space is asphyxiated, you can't move because you'd risk dropping boxes in the balance. The clerk is serving, with extreme slowness, another customer, while you wait up for your turn.

The sense of discomfort increases by the minute and after a while, maybe even and rightly annoyed, you leave, never to return, in fact, you will do anything to discourage all the people you know that store.

Then you enter another store, this time everything is perfectly in order, the environment is airy and bright, all the shoes are displayed with the utmost care, in order of category. In the large room there are comfortable chairs for waiting and for measuring shoes. A saleswoman arrives with a kind manner and a big smile asks you what kind of shoes you are looking for.

What do you think was the best experience? Of course, not even thinking about it too much. That's it, with e-commerce it works exactly like this: a good user experience means, 100% that that customer will come back to your e-commerce and recommend it to everyone they know. Now that you know how a welcoming space should be, let's see how to "furnish" your virtual store.

The choice of platform

The first step is undoubtedly the choice of platform. Maybe you already have an e-commerce, but you want to expand your range of action, so you've decided to expand the e-commerce or improve its performance, or you're starting to take your first steps in online sales, or you have a large company but you want to remodel your business. It doesn't matter, in any case you'll need professional advice to understand which is the most suitable solution for your business and your path.

Undoubtedly, among the most used platforms there are Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce and others, that's why you must have someone who advises and follows you in such an important project, so that you don't waste resources.

Elegant, sober, clear layout

Many people play the Spielberg of the situation and want to impress with special effects. We do not agree, we prefer simple, clear, but impactful things. With the layout you play with the possibility of keeping users on your site or make them run away, remember the story of the shoe store?

Everything has to be clear for the user at a glance, you don't have to create problems, you have to solve them and an average user doesn't waste more than a few seconds looking for what he needs before giving up, nobody wants to rummage through the menu looking for a product.

From the point of view of graphics, therefore, you should choose a simple one, with clear backgrounds and legible fonts, few frills, cut the superfluous and use colors that recall those of your brand logo.

Product sheets

This is a fundamental step in the construction of your e-commerce. When you compile it you have to keep in mind that its purpose is to inform the user about the characteristics of the item he is thinking of buying.

Obviously the images play a key role, use only perfectly sharp photos, that do not grainy when you enlarge them and that allow the user to perfectly see the object he wants to buy, possibly from multiple angles.

An advice is to contextualize the product within the everyday life, so it's fine the photo of the same on a white background, to highlight the features, but a photo, for example, of a coffee machine inside a kitchen will make the user better understand the real features such as dimensions.

Per quanto riguarda il teso, ovviamente le caratteristiche dovranno essere descritte puntualmente, ma senza giri di parole, non si deve scrivere un romanzo, dettagli secchi e concisi.

Payment method

The payment method is another crucial element. The more options you give the user, the better their experience will be. Customers want to feel safe when they shop online, so you'll need to provide them with maximum protection.

Other useful tips

Insert the page concerning the privacy regulation, as well as the one concerning the right of withdrawal. The integration of e-commerce with the physical store must be necessarily managed by a software, so you will never find yourself without products in the warehouse.

Obviously, you will have to use marketing strategies to promote your e-commerce and products, and in this case too we suggest you to turn to professionals in order to maximize the results and optimize your investment.

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