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Posted by Elena M. on 16 Oct 2020

Are companies in the automotive sector ready for the post-covid market?

The European automotive market finally records a positive sign after several months of stagnation.
In fact, in September 2020, the EU car market recorded the first increase of the year. Registrations - ACEA, the continental manufacturers' association announced - ...Read More

Posted by Elena M. on 29 Sep 2020

E-commerce is the future: find out how to take part

2020 represents a turning point in the ecommerce landscape: according to many experts, the current year will mark the future of online commerce.
There are many new areas for those who want to sell through a dedicated web space.
Let's see them one by one.

...Read More

Posted by Elena M. on 28 Aug 2020

The 4 qualities that a successful website must have

Which company doesn't have a website? We could say with good approximation that there are very few brands that do not have a dedicated digital space.
But how many websites are built really well, respecting the unwritten rules of search engine positioning and usab...Read More

Posted by Elena M. on 14 Aug 2020

Linkedin: find out why you can’t exclude it from your marketing strategy.

Linkedin is the social network dedicated to professionals. Thanks to the implementations made over time, however, it represents an increasingly essential social media marketing tool for businesses.
The platform has over 570 million subscribers scattered in every ...Read More

Posted by Elena M. on 24 Jul 2020

Sustainability and social responsibility: the values ​​of the future that brands cannot ignore.

These are issues that have been part of the corporate business universe for some time, but are more relevant today than ever.
If some time ago the brands could choose to deal with issues such as sustainability and social responsibility to differentiate themselves from the competition and "s...Read More

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