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Evobyte Team - 14 Aug 2020

Linkedin: find out why you can’t exclude it from your marketing strategy.

Linkedin is the social network dedicated to professionals. Thanks to the implementations made over time, however, it represents an increasingly essential social media marketing tool for businesses.
The platform has over 570 million subscribers scattered in every corner of the planet: professionals and brands meet every day on Linkedin to discuss work but not only.
It may seem obvious but it is worth repeating: LinkedIn is a Social Network and as such it serves to build relationships or create networks. Therefore, the connections, participation in groups and the exchange of messages with other subscribers to the platform are fundamental.

The potential of LinkedIn for companies and professionals is innumerable, but too often this social network is overlooked in favor of Facebook and Instagram.
With a lead conversion rate of 2.74%, LinkedIn is the right platform if your company wants to transform part of its virtual connections into real and commercial contacts.
Here, then, are some tips for using the platform at best as a professional and as a company.

LinkedIn is a very useful tool to increase your visibility and find new job opportunities, also thanks to word of mouth and online reports. To build a solid network of professional relationships, you will need to actively use the platform to:

  1. Publish content written by you;
  2. Share and comment on the posts of others;
  3. Connect with people you know or join industry groups by interacting with their members.

Ask your collaborators to give visibility to the page
Ask your employees and collaborators to connect to the page by setting your company as a “workplace” on their personal profiles. Also, invite them to interact with your posts and engage them to help you develop your page.

Learn to use the app
The app offers features that are not available on desktop and this is because they are aspects related to the possibility of geolocating and geolocating other users.
Another advantage of the app is the possibility of having a greater number of characters available for the headline: 200 against the 120 available in the desktop version. These are just a couple of examples of the benefits that can result from using the dedicated app.

Write quality content
Native content, possibly complete with image or video, is the most valuable option for your audience. Equally important, however, is to interact in thematic groups or also share third party content, as long as they are in line with the company vision and mission and are accompanied by their own headline, even better if complete with hashtags and mentions.

Publish content frequently
Along with the quality of the content, consistency is also rewarded. Create a publication calendar that includes at least a couple of releases per week. for our LinkedIn company page to work and be attractive, it must be powered and

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