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Evobyte Team - 29 Dec 2020

Social Media Trends 2021: sei pronto alle sfide del digitale?

End of the year, you know, it's time to take stock.
But it is also the time to make predictions: especially as regards the immediate future.
What awaits us in the long-awaited 2021 in the world of social media?
What are the trends to monitor to prepare a correct social media strategy for the upcoming year?

We tried to put some order.

Awareness of the public
The "listening" audience within social networks is much more informed about digital tools and is able to make an informed use of them. She does not passively receive messages, but is ready to question them. He is able to obtain information and seek relevant information through accredited sources. It therefore represents an audience to which brands will have to communicate with a greater degree of commitment, especially on topics of general interest. The proposed contents must be interesting, relevant and reliable.

Fight against fake news
Digital disinformation is an increasingly central issue within social channels.
Social networks have often represented a territory where reality and fiction are separated by very blurred boundaries. 2021 will be the year in which brands and social media channels will focus on highlighting the truth and silencing fake news.
Constant attention, therefore, to verify the sources of information before sharing content.

Constant use of social platforms
Today's dominant social media platforms will remain so in 2021 and beyond. They may have new features and adapt to current trends, but their popularity is very unlikely to decline in the next few years.

Increasing use of social gaming
Thanks to forced domestic confinement, in recent months people have increasingly resorted to video games as a distraction tool. The audience of video game forums and groups has grown, creating entire dedicated communities. A movement to be monitored during 2021, towards which brands will turn with increasing attention.

Marketing is conversational
Marketing feeds on discussion and conversations with the target audience. Brands can no longer launch their messages into the void and hope that they will be received. You have to keep the conversation with consumers for those relationships that generate sales.

2021 will be the year that will give even more opportunities to brands that will be able to effectively engage their audience and create content that will stand out.

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