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Evobyte Team - 28 Aug 2020

The 4 qualities that a successful website must have

Which company doesn't have a website? We could say with good approximation that there are very few brands that do not have a dedicated digital space.
But how many websites are built really well, respecting the unwritten rules of search engine positioning and usability for users?
In this case the answer changes dramatically. Too often we find ourselves in front of websites created with approximation due to the lack of knowledge of the most modern and advanced digital tools.
To help you orient yourself in the digital landscape and choose the most reliable supplier for the creation of your brand website, we have collected the 4 essential elements that a performing and successful website should have.

Clearly define the goal of your website
Before embarking on the website development project for your company, stop and think about the goal you want to pursue. Stop and consider what your company's goals are. Do you want to give information about your service or sell a product online? Attracting new leads to turn into customers? The specific objectives may be different, but if you are an entrepreneur who wants to increase his profits you need to identify the one that stands out above all the others.

Search engine optimized content
In addition to graphics and layout, among the characteristics of an effective and successful website there are texts, clear, easily understandable, direct and persuasive. Persuasive graphics and text should target users first, but don't forget about search engines. Writing optimized texts for search engines is the fundamental prerequisite for scaling the positioning and reaching the first pages, making you more visible to users. For effective positioning within the search engine, the structure that constitutes the website must also be created following the criteria of lightness, speed and clarity required by Google.

Call to action to drive conversions
The call to action is a call to action; in plain words, a technique to get users who have visited your site to actively do something. The calls to action are different based on the purpose of your website: newsletter subscription, request for a quote, purchase or much more.

Mobile and desktop usability
The navigation interface must be easy and intuitive, the User-Friendly Design to facilitate the movement of people from one page to another and within the menu. A good website is a fast site. Each page must load in seconds. Moreover, among the characteristics of a good website, its ability to be usable on different browsers, even for versions that are no longer very updated, cannot be missing.

Does your website have all these features?
Would you like a hand to define a marketing plan that is well suited to the specificities of your business?
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